Friday, December 12, 2008


I Love My Daddy

Oh, I love my Daddy;
He means so much to me.

After such long days at work;
My Dad walks in and gives a smirk.

“I need a hug”, he says to me;
I run to him and climb his knee.

Kisses and loves a hundred a day;
Now I know it’s time to play.

Sometimes I fall and I get hurt;
He picks me up, wipes off the dirt.

Wash it clean, then holds me tight;
Somehow I know I’ll be alright.

A hug and kiss makes things all better;
I’m so glad that we’re together.

Dad makes my life so full of bliss;
I love to get a fish lip kiss.

Buddies and pals and friends are we;
My Dad, he means so much to me.

To Randy-Father's Day 2008

For Staci loving babies is nothing new,
At church you’ve seen her with a dozen or two.
Eight years since she’s had a baby of her own,
You ‘ve seen how handsome that Talon has grown.
But with years and years with no new baby news,
She gave things to those who would get some good use.
Surprise, once again, a baby on the way,
A prince in his “Castle” he’s going to stay.
The baby will have a pearl for a Mother,
And Craig will soon be his fun loving Father.
They’ll be starting from scratch with this new baby,
Come shower Staci, and help her get ready.

For a Girl in My Ward;Baby Shower Invitiation-Dec. 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Blues and Brown

I made a smaller version for Lindsey. She is leaving to China on Wednesday. She is going there to teach English. I will miss her but I envy the experence she will have there. We love you, Lindsey!Chocolate Fondant Cake Flowers and PolkaDots
Slime Cake Rapelling Cake